Alkota Water Recovery & Recycle Systems

​VFS Series from Alkota

The Alkota VFS range of equipment gives the end user an extremely high quality selection of products which are easily adaptable to any current setup.

The VFS range has been specifically designed for the commercial, heavy duty user. Easy to use and easy to maintain means minimal down time and maximum profit.

When it comes to industrial pressure washing and external cleaning, it's important to consider all aspects of your job and your service delivery.

Ensuring you correctly deal with waste water run off and water management displays your ability and knowledge to your clients.

Set yourself apart as a leading industrial cleaning contractor

Alkota water recycling and recovery equipment isn't just aimed at the industrial cleaning contractor. We're able to provide high quality equipment to a range of different industries. Get in touch to discuss your water recovery and recycling requirements.

Alkota Pressure Washers is an industry leader and innovator in water recovery and recycling systems to ensure you, the contractor, can remain compliant with wash water regulations. Couple that with improved productivity and profitability and you're on to a winning combination. Set yourself apart

Alkota Pressure Washers water recovery and recycling systems are available to purchase as 'modular' items, as a complete set or as a complete building within a van or trailer. Let us know what you need and we'll deliver.


Alkota; Nothing comes close.

industrial water recovery blower system
alkota vfs water recovery system
alkota water recycle system

Alkota can help decide witch of our recovery systems is best for your application. Alkota offers on site filtration systems and evaporators. For your mobile applications Alkota offers vacuum systems and filtration systems. Alkota also offers containment mats and tools to make your recovery as easy as possible. With the support of your local Alkota distributor we can find the correct solution for you.

Alkota Water Recovery
& Recycling Systems


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Contact your local distributor to talk through your cleaning equipment and pressure washing needs. If our current lineup of cleaning systems won’t take care of your mess, your distributor will help you custom build a cleaning system for your operation.