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Detergents, Chemical, & Soap for Pressure Washers

Industrial Pressure Washers

Commercial Power Wash

Chemicals, Degreasers & Detergents
for Pressure Washers

Formulated in reverse, our products were born from tireless exploration of your most demanding environments. We spent years studying how your work with your equipment, what you expect of it, and ultimately, how your equipment works for you.


Along the way, we opened the doors to new ideas. We took your most crucial needs and transformed them into a powerful, precise line of pressure washer fluid that protects your equipment investment and shines through the most extreme cleaning projects.


Alkota soap for power washers. Developed with you, for you.

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Alkota Pressure Washing Detergents & Chemicals

Tough on Grime

Alkota industrial pressure washer chemical and detergents make protecting your equipment and tackling extreme cleaning projects a breeze.


Give your pressure washer that extra punch to clear tough grease and grime while protecting vehicle exteriors, masonry, food processing equipment, and more. 


Alkota’s precise line of pressure washer detergent meets your most crucial cleaning needs in any industrial environment


Pressure Washing Detergents

Our concentrated degreasers handle the most challenging grease, oil, and dirt. Easily penetrate stains and protect surfaces on trucks, decks, house siding, and more.


We offer environmentally friendly formulations suitable for food preparation areas, and heavy-duty cleaners for the toughest industrial applications.


Formulated to prioritise efficiency and economical usage for a wide range of degreasing and cleaning needs.

Fleet & Automotive

Pressure Washing Detergents

Soaps and detergents catering to a diverse range of vehicle cleaning needs from cars, trucks, and RVs to watercraft and more.


For biodegradability, efficient grime removal, and protection against corrosion across various vehicle types, Alkota has you covered.

Biodegradable alkaline detergents with rust and corrosion inhibitors are perfect for bug removal and general cleaning.


Pre-spray products let you restore surfaces for a glossy shine and freshly waxed appearance.


Mild alkaline detergents help renew painted surfaces, and natural citrus degreasers and rust inhibitors offer effective and environmentally friendly vehicle washing.

Industrial Cleaning & Restoration

Pressure Washing Detergents

Heavy-duty industrial detergents by Alkota excel in cleaning tough soil and carbon build-ups from engines and off-road equipment.


Our lineup includes caustic cleaners suitable for cooking establishments, biodegradable options with natural citrus components, and innovative solutions for the Ag industry to keep farming equipment looking clean.

Masonry & Asphalt

Pressure Washing Detergents

Pressure washer detergents for masonry and asphalt let you dissolve calcium and rust deposits on brick and other substrates with ease, safely restoring surfaces.


Nontoxic and biodegradable options minimise environmental impact.


Our lineup meets the unique demands of masonry and asphalt maintenance, letting you confidently clean brick and mortar or vehicle surfaces.

Residential & Facilities Management

Pressure Washing Detergents

Pressure washer detergents formulated to give residential buildings a safe and thorough clean.


We offer biodegradable cleaners that remove weathered stains on a wide range of surfaces. Heavy-duty soil problems including mould and mildew are no longer a problem for your power washer.


Stubborn stains like aerosol spray paints and permanent markers are no match for our graffiti removers.


Get your walls looking like new again with residential pressure washer detergents by Alkota.

Specialty Aviation

Pressure Washing Detergents

Pressure washer detergents tailored for aviation needs.


Our specialty detergents are ideal for cleaning aircraft exteriors and ground support equipment (GSE).


Safe for use on painted and unpainted surfaces, these products clear salt deposits, exhaust film, rubber marks, and more while being exceptionally easy to rinse off.

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