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Alkota. For Facilities Management.

Alkota has and still does work with a wide range of industries to support their high pressure needs. It's important for us to understand how you operate and how your pressure washer requirement may vary to other industries. 

When we work with facilities management companies to support them with high pressure cleaning equipment, we need to initially understand what you're cleaning. From there on we can provide you with a solution to meet your requirements which could have many variables such as time frames, access limitations, budgets, for example.

There's more to selecting a pressure washer, or high pressure cleaning equipment, than just how much pressure it gives out. 

Commercial Power Wash
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Our People

Today Alkota has a diverse line of products and a worldwide distributor base. We offer these distributors continued education on our products and personal support for any issues that arise. But that's because everything we do starts with the devotion and care of our people; masters of the trade with an unrivaled ability to solve problems and custom-build solutions as durable as the commitment they bring to work every day.

When you take an Alkota pressure washer to work, you take more wisdom, know-how and back-up than any other equipment in the business.


Find Your Local Dealer

Contact your local distributor to talk through your cleaning equipment and pressure washing needs. If our current lineup of cleaning systems won’t take care of your mess, your distributor will help you custom build a cleaning system for your operation.