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heavy duty commercial dry steamers

Alkota 246 Industrial Dry Steam Generator

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Steam cleaning gives you powerful grime-moving steam while keeping the pressure low for gentle cleaning on surfaces that need more care. Beyond cleaning, steam is perfect for curing, disinfecting surfaces quickly, detailing engine compartments, and more. 


Steam cleaners use temperature-controlled steam (150-180 degrees C) at lower pressures (250-400 PSI) to clear away grease, oil, and contaminants without damaging surfaces. Perfect for sterilising, disinfecting, de-icing, and flushing chemicals. Safely clean sensitive areas like engine compartments, transmissions, and heavy equipment.


Heated by diesel, natural gas, or LP, as well as electric options, our steam cleaners let you sanitise vats, barrels, and tanks with ease. From de-icing planes and melting ice dams to in-ground pipe repair, our steam cleaners reach every crack and crevice, efficiently cleaning residues and offering savings in time, water, and detergent. 


Dry steam generators are low water volume dry vapor steam cleaners perfect for thawing frozen drains, tanks, piping systems, and culverts.


Their many industrial uses include curing cured-in-place (CIPP) liners during trenchless pipe and sewer repair.


Trusted by street and highway departments and manufacturing plants alike, our dry steam machines are used for specialised tasks like thawing railroad tank cars and degassing fuel tanks for welding prep.

  • Steam Capacity

    1 GPM / 3.8 LPM


    100 psi / 7 bar




    L - 865 mm W - 700 mm H - 1,070mm

    Shipping Weight

    305 kg

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