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industrial high pressure washer hot water with Honda petrol

Alkota GED 115v 5355JB Honda Industrial Hot Pressure Washer

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Petrol engine drive hot water pressure washers by Alkota are equipped with a 115 volt burner system powered by a 3000-watt generator for reliable and efficient water heating. Whether you need to clean from a trailer, truck, or van, these full-size skid units are perfect for mounting on a variety of vehicles.



  • Powered by a 3000-watt generator, the 115V burner system ensures consistent and reliable hot water to tackle tough industrial and commercial cleaning tasks
  • Schedule 80 coil pipe and stainless steel coil wrapper offer resistance against corrosion and unmatched durability
  • Welded frame and solid channel engine/pump mount ensure dependability, stability, and superior performance for heavy-duty cleaning
  • No electricity required: Simply hook up a water source and you’re ready to start cleaning
  • Hydro-insulated coil design enhances user safety and provides excellent performance while saving energy.
  • 7-year coil warranty for protection and peace of mind
  • Soft Damping System protects the coil, pump, and high-pressure components by minimizing vibrations


Included Accessories:

  • Industrial hose with swivel end and bend restrictor
  • Professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock
  • Insulated wand for user safety
  • Quick connect nozzle
  • Winterizing valve to protect against freezing

Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our extensive list of competent distributors. They’ll help you find the right gas engine drive hot water pressure washer to suit your commercial or industrial cleaning needs. For power, durability, and performance in hot water pressure washing, trust Alkota.

  • Flow rate

    5 GPM / 18.9 LPM


    3,500 psi / 240 bar


    Honda GX630

    Fuel Tank Capacity

    20L Petrol / 36L Diesel

    Coil Size





    Wayne Burner 115v 


    Up to 100c


    Belt Drive


    W - 865 mm L - 1,220 mm H - 990 mm

    Shipping Weight

    390 kg

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