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Commercial Electric Cold Water Pressure Washers

alkota electric commercial pressure washer

Alkota Cold Water Pressure Washer

Alkota industrial cold water electric pressure washers are a cost effective tools for dirt and mud removal.


Cold water pressure washers by Alkota stand up to tough industrial and commercial cleaning jobs. With a range of power sources and configurations to accommodate industries like agriculture, plant maintenance, waste management, and more, we’ll match you with a machine that fits your specific cleaning needs.


We prioritise power and affordability so you can clean with efficiency and not break your budget.


Industrial Electric Cold Water Pressure Washers

You can explore Alkota’s cold water electric pressure washer series below, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. If you’re new to pressure washers, check out our blog to learn more! 


Alkota 219CSE Electric Pressure Washer is a rugged tool constructed for all your cleaning needs.


Add detergent with the convenient suction system hose w/filter, simply place the hose directly into the your detergent container and go.


Mobility is no problem, quickly move around by top mounted handle or choose the optional wheel kit.

alkota electric commercial pressure washer

Challenger Series

The Challenger Series aluminum frame cold water pressure washers by Alkota offer unmatched portability, durability, and power for demanding industrial and commercial cleaning.


With a lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminium frame, these power washers are designed to withstand rigorous use.


Their solid flat-free tires ensure easy maneuverability and transportability.

alkota commercial electric challenger pressure washer

Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

There's many factors to consider when buying your new industrial pressure washer. 

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