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Hot Water Pressure Washer Puffing Black Smoke? Here’s Why

Industrial diesel pressure washer burner smoking

Here at Alkota we know your commercial hot water pressure washer is a large investment. You want it always working in tip top order.

However, we all run into those moments where the machine just isn’t quite up to snuff.


If you are seeing black smoke coming from your machine, it’s time to diagnose, and Alkota has the answers.


We asked experts the commonly asked questions to get you the answers you need.


At Alkota we are proud of all our machines being made in the USA. We strive for excellent customer service and dependability of machines. 


Black Smoke, why?

When you get black smoke, most commonly, it is a portable diesel equipment. This indication means fuel isn’t burning completely.

How do you fix it?

There are a couple of methods:



Air flow. Sometimes machines can be pumping more fuel than air amiable to burn. Adjust your air flow until the smoke clears up. Also, if your elevation is different, please adjust air to accommodate the location you are in.



Bad Fuel Nozzles. It could be the fuel nozzle.  When was the last time you replaced the fuel nozzle?



Not enough fuel. Check your fuel in the machine or the fuel filter to be sure there isn’t build up somewhere.



Semi-enclosed areas. If you are in a semi-enclosed area (think semi trailers), sometimes there is not enough air flow coming in. 



Overall, if you are seeing black smoke coming from your machine then you don't have enough air.

Black Smoke = Not Enough Air Flow

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