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Alkota Pressure Washer Degreasers

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Alkota Pressure Washing Degreasers

Grease Cutter DE-703

Grease Cutter DE-703 is a concentrated formula that penetrates grease, oil and dirt on contact, then creates a barrier between the stain and surface.


Attacks the most difficult cleaning projects. Leaves an extremely clean surface that is free rinsing.

Alkota concentrated degreasers handle the most challenging grease, oil, and dirt and easily penetrate stains and protect surfaces.


We offer environmentally friendly formulations suitable for food preparation areas, and heavy-duty cleaners for the toughest industrial applications.


Formulated to prioritise efficiency and economical usage for a wide range of degreasing and cleaning needs.

Active Ingredients 20%

pH 5% Solution 11.7

Specific Gravity 1.09

VOC 29 grams per liter

Appearance Redish Liquid

Hazardous , Corrosive Label Ozone & Smog Does not carry ingredients that attack the earth’s ozone, or contribute to smog

Softening Exclusive anti-scale system to prevent scale coil clogging.

Freeze / Thaw Stable

Shelf Life Two years in a sealed container

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