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Industrial  Pressure Washers

alkota industrial pressure washers

Alkota Industrial Pressure Washers

High Performance & Customised Industrial Hot Pressure Washers & Cold Pressure Washers
Steam Cleaners & Dry Steam Generators
Industrial Pressure Washer Trailers
Wash Plants & Custom Built Hight Pressure Cleaning Systems

Alkota Pressure Washers got its start all the way back in 1964 building steam cleaners in a converted creamery in Alcester, South Dakota. Since then, Alkota has  innovated and perfected technology that sets our industrial hot & cold water pressure washers apart. All our machines are handcrafted with a key focus on high quality and longevity.

Alkota Pressure Washers now operates globally with main trading areas in The USA & UK. We support clients with our industrial pressure washers and cleaning equipment across a range of industries.

Alkota pressure washer logo with flame background

Alkota Industrial Pressure Washers

Top-quality power washers and industrial cleaning equipment are the specialty of Alkota.


Pressure washers, steam cleaners, parts washers, self-contained trailer units, and power washer accessories are available from a robust distribution network servicing industries including agriculture, oil and gas, fleet maintenance, industrial operations, and many more.


With over 60 years of experience, Alkota is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and tailored cleaning solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.


Our hot and cold high pressure cleaning systems remove tough grit and grease ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process every time. Alkota pressure washers are built to last, and designed with serviceability and longevity in mind.

alkota 5355j petrol pressure washer temperature control

Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

There's many factors to consider when buying your new industrial pressure washer. 

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