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Alkota GED 12v Series Pressure Washer

Skid-mounted, petrol engine drive hot water pressures by Alkota are equipped with a 12 volt burner system powered by the engine’s charging system. These full-size skid units are ideal for trailer, truck, or van mounting, and bring versatility and convenience to tough power washing jobs.


  • Schedule 80 coil pipe and stainless steel coil wrapper provide durability and resistance against corrosion

  • Welded frame and solid channel engine/pump mount ensure dependability and exceptional performance

  • No electricity required, simply hook up a water source and you’re ready to start cleaning

  • Hydro-insulated coil design prioritizes user safety and delivers cost-effective performance

  • 7-year coil warranty

  • Soft Damping System protects the coil, pump, and high-pressure components, ensuring longevity and reliability


Included Accessories:

  • Industrial hose with a swivel end and bend restrictor

  • Professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock

  • Insulated wand for user safety

  • Quick connect nozzle

  • Winterising valve to safeguard your investment against freezing


Contact Alkota for support in finding the right gas engine drive pressure washer model that suits your commercial or industrial cleaning needs. Trust Alkota for superior power, durability, and performance in high-pressure washing.

Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

There's many factors to consider when buying your new industrial pressure washer. 

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