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How to Winterise a Hot Water Pressure Washer

During winter it’s important to let those hot water pressure washers inside or winterise! They’re cold!

Pressure washer winterising takes minutes and can save you thousands of pounds in repairs.

If you have a pressure washer, it’s time to winterise. If you can’t complete the winterising process, keep your machine in a heated space until you can. Water freezing in your pump and coil will cause damage.

Steps To Winterise

There are a few quick steps that are easy to do and prevent the cold from damaging your pressure washer pump and coils.


  • Winterising will require a 50/50 automotive blend antifreeze. 

  • 20 litre bucket or container


First, drain the water out of your float tank.

Then fill with antifreeze, turn on your machine, pull the trigger gun, and run the antifreeze through your pressure washer and into the pump and coil until you see the antifreeze coming out the nozzle.

The antifreeze will protect inside metal wetted surfaces, packings, and plungers in the pump to your coil.

Also, quickly open and shut your trigger several times to get antifreeze into your bypass line.

Lastly, you can blow out the antifreeze into a bucket or container or leave it in the machine until spring.

Bonus Tips:

  • When spring comes, drain the antifreeze from your pressure washer into a bucket or sealable container. Then, you can reuse the antifreeze again next winter.

  • We recommend getting an antifreeze tester to ensure you have enough strength to keep things from freezing. Water will dilute the antifreeze.

  • Store your antifreeze container away from pets and kids.

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