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Pressure Washer Trailers & Custom Builds

You are already familiar with our lines of heavy duty industrial pressure washers, as well as our custom pressure washers, but did you know we also custom build pressure washer trailers?

Save Time With a Pressure Washer Trailer

Maybe you currently have your equipment permanently loaded in your van or truck’s bed but need to free up that space for other uses. Or worse, perhaps you’re loading your equipment every time you go to a job, risking injury while lifting it all or depending on someone else for help with the heavy stuff.

With our custom built pressure washing trailers, there are countless configurations so you can have a dedicated space for all your equipment and accessories – you’ll be ready to head out after just filling your water and fuel, no heavy lifting required.

Alkota pressure washer trailers are constructed using suitable chassis or enclosed units to ensure you remain road legal.

If you’re newer to the business, investing in a pressure washer trailer is the perfect step to cross into professional territory after you’ve proven your business model. It makes things easier on you and your workers, shows your clients you’re serious about your business, and is the perfect opportunity for mobile advertising.

Maximise Your Efficiency With a Custom Pressure Washer Trailer

If your operation requires a pressure washer trailer, the Alkota team will work with you to design one that fits your needs. Together we can work out the type of chassis you’re looking for (ranging from single axle to full flat bed or enclosed pressure washing rig) and what on-board systems you’ll want to have in place so you’re ready for any job you’re contracted to do.

One major benefit of going this route is that every piece of equipment you might need for a job will have a dedicated space on or in the trailer. You get to have a hand in designing how it’s all set up – you know your workflow best. A custom pressure washer trailer can maximise your efficiency on the job since everything will be exactly where you need it for easy access. No more digging through storage bins looking for what you need, and you no longer will have to worry about an accessory accidentally getting left behind when you load up in the mornings.

Larger pressure washer trailers can accommodate multiple holding tanks, multiple hot water or cold water pressure washers and vacuum recovery and treatment systems, which is great for companies whose needs vary depending upon the job.

The Quality You Expect from Alkota

When you choose an Alkota custom pressure washer trailer, you can count on quality craftsmanship. We use a proven process to build your trailer from the ground up.

To get more information on how we can create a custom pressure washer trailer to fit your needs, please get in touch or complete the pressure washing trailer quote request form.

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