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Alkota 8-VAC-GD Water Recovery Vacuum Blower

Alkota 8-VAC-GD Water Recovery Vacuum Blower

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Alkota 8-VAC-GD is designed to be used with the Alkota AFS Motorless Filtration Ssytem for ultimate pressure washer water recovery and recycling. The 8-VAC-GD will capture your wash water so you can filter or dispose of depending on your needs, when linked with a VFS system.


The 8-VAC-GD vacuum recovery system features a dependable electric start Vanguard engine and Sutorbilt vacuum blower, the 8-VAC-GD unit is perfect for linking with surface cleaners when cleaning large areas or a long range from your trailer or van unit.

  • 8-VAC-GD

    Vanguard Engines

    Sutorbilt Vacuum Pump

    Up to 350 CFM of recovery suction

    Capture up to 98% of waste water

    Connect to VSF-1 for high volume performance filtering

  • It is possible to utilise a Honda engine in place of the Vanguard engine. Please get in touch for pricing.

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