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Hot Water Pressure Washer Burner Overview

Diesel pressure washer or petrol pressure washer burner

Hot water pressure washers are hard to beat when taking care of those extra greasy, hard-to-clean messes. These machines take pressure washer cleaning to the next level. We’ve put together a quick video to review the system’s heart, the burner assembly, how it works, and common issues you may run into with your hot water pressure washer. 

Burner Assembly Parts

Ignition Transformer – a device that stimulates a high-voltage spark to ignite fuel. 

Fuel Pump – pressurizes and delivers fuel to the burner. 

Burner Assembly – a device for converting fuel to heat energy – heating water for the pressure


Cone Assembly – a cone-shaped area in the combustion chamber that helps distribute air and fuel. 

Fuel Nozzle – where fuel is atomised for combustion

Electrode – two rods with ceramic-insulated bases used to provide ignition for an oil-fired burner. High voltage current arcs across the gap between the tips of the two electrodes to ignite the mixture of atomised fuel oil and air in the combustion chamber. 

Air Band(s) – adjust or regulates the air intake on a gun-type burner to provide the right amount of air to mix with atomised fuel oil for the proper combustion. The air band controls the amount of excess air introduced into the combustion chamber. 

Combustion Chamber – where the combustion of the fuel and air mixture occurs. Generally the same as the space inside the coil. The burner fires into one end of the chamber, and hot air passes out the other end. 

Smoking Machine?

If you have smoke coming from your machine, you probably need to adjust your airband to ensure you get a proper fuel and air mixture. Check out our blog and video about how to fix your smoking hot water pressure washer.

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